About Us


To be a leading global school providing a disciplined yet fun-filled environment for Holistic Learning. We aspire to encourage children to think independently, to be passionate about what they wish to do. We also strive to integrate children’s growth & evolution into everyday life so as to enable them to be in a learning mode forever.


We will build a nurturing and play-based learning environment which will inspire curiosity, independence and creative thinking in the child. We will work towards inculcating life-long love of learning to help children become contributing members of our community and the country.



The Essence of the Logo

The logo is a perfect amalgamation of our culture, depicted by the Devanagari alphabet , with a varied disposition of knowledge and skills reflected in the bright colours of the logo. Also, the logo is laced with the essential and forever impersonated Military discipline and values, illustrated clearly with the swoosh of an Indian Air Force SU-30 MKI fighter jet. This holistic approach empowers the child with strong wings of wisdom and skills, synonymous to the little birds that leave their secured homes to take long enthralling flights and   reach great heights!


A warm and welcoming learning hub; At UDAAN We believe

Each child is on a unique journey. They come into the world eager to learn and into family that have high hopes for them. At UDAAN We believe in Come Fly With Uscreating an organic & dynamic culture for the child to experience and learn and work together in partnership with the family to realise these hopes.

Child’s growth & development is more rapid during kindergarten stage. At UDAAN We believe in focusing on physical, cognitive, language and socio-emotional development within the sphere of the 21st century skills; the 4C’s, Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration, to give them an upper edge!

Today our children are growing up in a diverse society that comprises people from a wide variety of cultures. At UDAAN We believe that all children from varied backgrounds and culture have the right to a safe, loving and nourishing environment in which to grow and explore the world.

As global citizens in a rapidly changing and increasingly connected world, children need to be adaptive, creative and resilient and disciplined. They need to Learn, How To Learn so that they can engage with new contexts, opportunities and challenges with optimism and resourcefulness. For these reasons, at UDAAN We believe and emphasise on HOLISTIC LEARNING with a well-designed program to integrate Head, Heart and Hand development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and dispositions that support lifelong learning.

At UDAAN We believe that children are born with a natural ability & desire to learn from their surroundings and experiences, our job being to support, deepen and stimulate the same for the child to enjoy the learning process. Hence, teachers at UDAAN encourage and support all children to participate in and contribute to a wide range of enriching and rewarding experiences with people, places and things. These expand the children’s competence and confidence and, over time, enable them to direct their own lives.

Where connections are made, and relationships are built; At UDAAN We value


Discipline and respect for our elders, culture and traditions seem to be taking a backseat with westernisation and information overload. At UDAAN We value our heritage and strive to inculcate belongingness and pride for our elders, culture and country.

At UDAAN We value the safety of our children as our fundamental concern. The school premises are thoughtfully designed with Safety as priority. Eco friendly painted walls, learning materials and toys endorse the same. Children are taught to see the world from different angles, to judge the right from wrong, to sense danger and uncomfortable confrontations and most importantly to speak out their discomfort to teachers and parent.

Our curriculum and activities are progressive and adaptive, based on inputs from New Zealand’s well-researched pedagogy (Te Whariki) for early childhood curriculum and our experienced teachers. At UDAAN We value the creativity and individuality of every child, updating our curriculum and methods regularly so as to provide a ‘Mat for every child’, hence, helping each one to be his or her best.

Learning from the Japanese approach to early child education, at UDAAN We value every child’s PLAY time and ME time as a necessity for exploration and learning. This tender age and carefree stage is the only phase in life where the child will have the freedom to grow and learn at his own pace before entering the ‘pressure cooker’ at the next levels of learning!

We value in the complexity in the long learning process, research and stages of development. Hence our teachers are inspired to learn, grow and explore horizons beyond the traditional disciplines through forums, seminars and workshops in early child development & Education.

Why We Make A Difference


A fun-filled and child centred approach to teaching English literacy. The child is taught the five key skills for reading and writing using this multi-sensory method. This motivating program has shown amazing results with the little ones, giving them a head start in building a strong English foundation.


UDAAN parents will have access to the UDAAN App, named Hi Mom, on their mobiles. The App will provide a daily update of your child’s activities, assignments, diary notes, notifications, calendar and a photo gallery of your little one in action, to make your day!



“Together we can” A Parent Teacher partnership is very important and said to be an essential component in child development practices. Regular interactive Parent Teachers conferences and special HOME VISITS by teachers are carried out to build familiarity with parent and child.

DISCIPLINE AS A HABIT- Military Values & Etiquettes

Discipline, if taught becomes a compulsion but if blended in the day to day activities becomes a way of life. Exposure to military values and etiquette will inculcate in children the long-lost values like determination, valour, empathy and respect for the country & countrymen.


The Curriculum Model is chalked out on the guidelines of Howard Gardner’s researched pedagogy of Multiple Intelligence which includes kinesthetics, musical, visual-spatial, naturalistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal techniques of learning in addition to the basic linguistic and logico-mathematical ways.


A unique approach to build bonhomie among the child’s families and the school. Regular Masti filled sessions will be organised  at UDAAN, which would include games, outings and carnivals for the parents and children together.  An ideal platform to weave in long lasting & fun filled memories, it will also stage an opportunity for the parents to showcase their talents and interests.


The Daycare at UDAAN is a cosy and caring home away from home where your child’s needs will be looked after with proficiency and affection. Facilities include completion of the child’s daily home assignments, monitored evening playtime & activities, hygienic and nutritious vegetarian meals (optional). We also have an on board health advisor to attend to the child’s medical requirements.


At UDAAN, our curriculum is responsive & flexible to children’s rapidly growing capabilities, providing familiar experiences alongside new opportunities  & challenges. With a perfect blend of International boards, Indian culture and the experiences of our Management, the Physical, Cognitive, Language, Creative & Social-Emotional dimensions are holistically interwoven & interdependent in our well researched Curriculum.

A Child Who Reads Will Be An Adult Who Thinks

UDAAN is on a mission to wipe out the ‘D’ from DREAD for the coming generations. Fluent SPOKEN ENGLISH, an aspiration for many is not a standalone effort. When nurtured correctly , it grows from a sapling to a flourishing tree. We at UDAAN sow the seeds…we teach them to READ. A well equipped Library with regular story telling and good reading sessions are encouraged from  the very beginning to teach them to fall in love with READING.

Military Sphere

At UDAAN we have built a Military culture and environment for the child’s well-rounded education (mind, body and spirit). Many parents and teachers find that knowledge is not the only thing needed to be successful in life. Classroom work is the basic taught in every school at every stage of learning. Ignored is, creating young adults who can effectively embrace a concept like critical thinking, positive attitude towards life and a healthy respect for others.

We at UDAAN impart military discipline and values which help children to become independent thinkers and leaders. Discipline might seem like a harsh word for the toddlers, but this single virtue inculcates a number of values and habits that frame their character for life. Experiences at school have a lot to teach at every stage.


Discipline is mildly brought into children’s life with small actions like punctuality at school, Time Management during activities & games, Physical Fitness and Healthy Eating with Table Manners. Respect the rule of the land is also a part of it.


Stage confidence is nurtured at UDAAN where children get on the stage and behind the mini rostrum for various activities. Confidence is inculcated with basic manners and good social skills. Opportunity to build Leadership skills by being given various responsibilities in school.

A unique obstacle path at UDAAN to build physical and mental toughness, impress problem solving skills, persistence, adaptability and creative thinking.


Reading out stories of the great men and women of our country instils belongingness, determination, valour and integrity. This helps instil love for our country and countrymen.


In a Military environment the Morale and spirits are always high! At UDAAN, we motivate children to dream big, think big and aim high in whatever little task they perform.

UDAAN Advantage

  • Managed by an experienced Defence Services Personnel

  • Run and nurtured by a Principal having a vast & enriched teaching experience in the field of education from numerous schools across the country

  • A proficient teacher student ratio under the guidance of exemplary and dedicated educators who undergo continuous professional training & development by experts

  • Located in a well-developed and safe residential area with easy connectivity across the city

  • A new approach to inculcate leadership and public speaking qualities with

  • Infusing values of Indian heritage & traditions with festival celebrations, Theme Days, Independence Day, Annual Day, Sports Day, Convocation Day, Grandparent’s Day etc

  • Regular Field trips, Picnics, Nature walks to facilitate real life impressions and learning

  • Proactive and varied CURRICULUM to prepare children to further join CBSE/ICSE/STATE board schools

  • Encouraging creative learning with activities like art, music, dance and gardening

  • Collaborative Activities to build team work, sharing and belongingness

  • We provide parents with valuable information on the child’s progress through portfolios, developmental report cards with work samples and anecdotes


  • High importance to SECURITY and SAFETY with an all-woman staff, complete CCTV coverage and firefighting equipment

  • Transport facility with escort card for every child and a woman escort in the van during the pick and drop run

  • Hygienic, fully airconditioned comfortable and flexible environment for students to grow, learn and develop well

  • Environment friendly campus with water harvesting and utilisation of Solar Energy

  • State-of-the-art new age classrooms, activity room, audio visual room, library and child friendly toilets

  • Play area designed for physical activities and games; A tree house, splash pool, sand pit, slides and a unique military obstacle path to build teamwork and problem solving skills

  • On board health advisor. Bi-annual health check-ups



Our Team

Ms Mayura Mahajan

Director & Principal

A graduate in Mathematics with Honours from SP College, Pune, she went on to pursue her MSc in Mathematics followed by BEd and MEd wherein she completed her thesis on Child Psychology and Development. She has also done her Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Management (PGDCM) from Symbiosis College, Pune and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) from Madras University.

A daughter and a wife of Defence officers she has learned and taught in various Armed Forces schools. Dedicated and passionate about teaching, Ms Mahajan has attended various teacher training workshops on Adolescence & Constructive Classrooms. She holds more than 18 years of rich and diverse experience in the field of education which not only includes classroom teaching but also as a Co-curricular activity trainer, Soft Skill trainer and a contributor to lesson planning & content building for some of the top education industries.

She has received numerous awards and accolades for her teaching & training excellence at various institutions.

A progressive thinker and a visionary committed to the cause of education, Ms Mahajan has been instrumental in founding the UDAAN Preschool. With her firm belief in collaborative working and power of community, she inspires and leads by example.

Group Captain (Retd) Mahesh Singh Baran

Senior Advisor

A fighter pilot of IAF and a veteran of 1971 Indo-Pak war, he has over 30 years’ experience of managing and imparting training to the budding fighter pilots in the Air Force of our country and other friendly nations.

As a commander in the armed forces, he has headed and managed various units comprising of sophisticated military flights, equipment and personnel.

After retirement, the next decade saw him mentoring and training the aspiring commercial pilots in Malaysia and Thailand. Here he was specially selected because of his proficient knowledge and excellent teaching skills.

Prabhakar Mahajan

Prabhakar Mahajan

Senior Advisor

An Engineer with more than 30 years of experience as a Quality Assurance Manager in the Indian Government Defence Equipments Industry.

He holds a vast experience in planning and executing civil works. After his retirement, he has been actively involved in social work to uplift the poor and needy.

He loves going back to his roots by devoting time to modernize agriculture in every way. He believes in being the voice of his people to educate them on their rights and facilities.

Wing Commander (Retd) Girish Matte

Senior Advisor

An Aeronautical engineer in the Indian Airforce with more than 23 years of service during which he actively participated in the Kargil war.

He completed his Post Graduation in Aerospace Engineering & his MBA HR & Business Management Course from IIM. He has vast experience on Ab-initio and advanced training, Radar systems and Navigation Systems.

He has travelled to to test the Radar System which was procured for the Indian Air Force. A multifaceted person, he is presently a social, spiritual and academic mentor to many.

Mr Melvyn Leonard

Curriculum Advisor

With over 20 years of experience with some of the worlds most reputed publications like Macmillan, Pearson and Cambridge, Melvin has an enriched experience in working very closely with schools for books selection, curriculum designing and imparting training to pre-primary and primary school teachers on methodology & pedagogy of English language teaching.

As a West India Manager in Mumbai for Cambridge English Language Assessment (part of university of Cambridge UK), he has collaborated with CBSE, ICSE and international schools to provide globally recognised English language assessment and qualification to students and teachers.

Dr Madhuri Burade

Health and Fitness Advisor

A graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine, Dr Madhuri has a well-established successful private practice since last 27 years. Always ahead to support a social cause, she runs a Nagpur Municipal Corporation DOTS centre where she treats and counsels TB patients with a success rate of above 80%.

She is well known for rendering free medical service to the poor by participating and organising various medical camps, across Maharashtra, with full vigour and enthusiasm.

Monit Jadhav

Mr Monit Jadhav

Digital Advisor

A digital expert with vast knowledge of various computer languages and web designing techniques. His proficiency is well acclaimed by the very fact that he holds a global clientele. His creativity with in-depth technical knowledge has various universal projects to his name.

Ms Amita Mandlekar

Art & Activities Advisor

A science graduate, a bundle of talent and an enthusiastic entrepreneur, Amita is the Director of Pillsolution Exim Pvt Ltd. and her very own Baking Venture called Cakeology.

She has worked at Jain International School, Nagpur, where she held various portfolios. She taught Math & Abacus to the Primary students, was taking Art & Craft sessions for the students and contributed with the same for all the functions at the school. She was also handling all the aspects of the examination department.

Dr Vedang Mahajan

Diet & Environment Advisor

A final year MBBS student of IGGMC Nagpur, he holds an excellent Academic track record with equally inspiring co-curricular activity record which won him awards and accolades for oratory skills, sports, symposiums and music.

His interest, research and in-depth base knowledge in Community Medicine is an asset to the institution where he will be interacting with the children and parents on healthy eating and hygienic and good living.

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